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Open Door


Sadly Open Door has had to be cancelled this year. 

We look forward to Open Door taking place in church again, 5th-8th July 2021




Open door is a special week in the life of our church.  In early July we witness the coming together of over 90 parishioners, in fun and fellowship, as we welcome the Y5 children from the town's five primary schools.  Laughter, learning and companionship are the order of the day.  Each school has a day to visit, the children spend an enjoyable and relaxed time learning something of the history and purpose of the building, visiting various areas of the church e.g. The Bruce Cenotaph. Following the tour the children engage in a variety of activities associated with the skills that have been used for many years within the church e.g. bell ringing and embroidery.  The musical Director gives a talk about the organ and the choral work of the church.  The day concludes with a short service celebrating the work of the children which joins us altogether in praise.  At the weekend the work of the children is exhibited and our doors are open to welcome their families. Refreshments are served and members of the congregation are available to welcome all. It is a week of friendship and joy





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