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We are currently a team of 11 Servers led by Karen Keen as Head Server who is supported in her role by two Deputy Head Servers, Fiona Shaw and Chris Nicholson.

The Servers operate a rota system so everyone who is part of the team has a chance to serve regardless of experience or lack of experience. This generally equates to twice a month.

We perform our duties at the 8:00 am service where one Server is required and at the 9:30 am where four Servers are required. At the 9:30 service, the roles are Crucifer, Acolytes and Server. The Server is responsible for carrying the Gospel book and holding it for the Rector to read and to assist the Ministry team at the Altar.

Most of the Servers do have extra roles in the church, some are part of the Ministry Team, others are the Sacristans, some are Sidespersons and another is a Deputy Churchwarden.  Some Servers are PCC members.

The Servers also have Social events.  This past year we have organised the pancake party with entertainment at the Church Hall which was well received.  We have organised Meals out at local restaurants and some have taken part in the Great North Run.

If you would like to become a Server you do not need to belong to another group and previous experience is not necessary because full training will be given at a convenient time.  Please have a word with Karen, Fiona or Chris and we will be happy to talk to you. We are all very friendly and there isn’t an upper age limit so if becoming a Server is for you then do come and give it a try.

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